CFMEU statement – Submissions of Counsel Assisting regarding Andrew Zaf

Published: 13 Nov 2015

The CFMEU notes that Counsel Assisting’s submissions clear Victorian State Secretary John Setka of allegations that he received free roofing materials from Mr Zaf.

This allegation, as aired on the 7:30 report in January 2014 was cited by the Abbott Government as one of the reasons for calling the Royal Commission.

John Setka has always strongly denied this allegation.

Dave Noonan, the National Construction Division Secretary of the CFMEU said today that “Counsel Assisting has been dragging kicking and screaming to the truth”.

Mr Cheetham, the whistleblower, contacted the CFMEU after his approaches to the commission and the media had been ignored. It was only at the insistence of the union’s lawyers that this evidence was even heard.

“Counsel Assisting was instead proposing to make serious findings against Mr Setka based on Zaf’s evidence in his draft submissions released in October of 2014.”

“This clearly demonstrates the deep bias against the CFMEU by the Commission.

“John Setka has had his name smeared by Liberal politicians off the back of these fanciful allegations which were allowed to stand untested for so long.

“John Setka deserves an apology from the Liberal Party’s Royal Commission, from Fairfax, Nick McKenzie and from ABC’s 7:30 report.”

“It’s disgraceful that the Commission would entertain the evidence of Zaf in a protracted dog and pony show for the media, while ignoring evidence that didn’t suit their anti-union case theory.”