Crane Collapse Sydney Harbour 29/8/17

Published: 30 Aug 2017

At around 1pm on August 29 a 200 tonne Luffing Crane situated on a Barge in Sydney Harbour (Just near the entrance to Luna Park) was lifting a 10 tonne concrete anchor block when suddenly the cable snapped dropping the load into the harbour.

The other half of the cable flew around 120M and landed on the iconic face of the Luna Park entrance.

There were 4 workers on the barge at the time, but luckily no injuries were reported. Luna Park was closed at the time of the incident.

Waterway Constructions were carrying out the work at the site. The principal contractor is Hansen & Yuncken.

On inspection of the cable it appeared to be rusted and corroded. Maintenance records are still being inspected, however the Crane was due for a major/full service in 3 weeks time.

The CFMEU & the MUA are carrying out further investigations after receiving information concerning a similar incident of cable failure involving another barge incident. Both unions are concerned that the cable in question may be an inferior imported product.

The incident was preventable and maintenance inspections should be carried out more regularly on cranes, plant and equipment working in a maritime environment. Corrosion and rust which occur far more quickly in a maritime environment should be factored in to maintenance schedules.

A printable version of this safety alert can be downloaded here for printing and sharing on site.