Don't let the Xmas Push kill you

Published: 15 Dec 2015

We all know that coming closer to the end of the year, bosses start pushing harder to get jobs finished and corners start getting cut.

In just a 3 week period, 8 construction workers were killed in Australia just recently. Three of them in Victoria.

Don’t be a victim of the Christmas push.

If you feel unsure or unsafe about something - stand up, speak out and come home.

The best Christmas present you can give is your presence at Christmas, no deadline is worth a life.

In Western Australia, two young workers were killed on a Jaxon site where there should have been an exclusion zone for the off-loading of concrete panels.

These young Irish men may have known about construction safety rules in Australia, but Jaxon’s would have.

CFMEU safety reps know the rules, but were prevented a total of 16 times from entering Jaxon sites across Perth, including on the several occasions we tried to access the site where the unfortunate deaths occurred.

The CFMEU has submitted more complaints of suspected safety breaches to WorkSafe in regard to Jaxon sites than any other builder in Perth. Jaxon has denied the CFMEU its LEGAL ‘right of entry’ on numerous occasions across their 9 development sites in Perth. There are currently 4 prosecutions against Jaxon before the court.