Stop the War on Workers

Published: 17 Oct 2017

16th NOV 2017
Meet 11.30am Belmore Park, near Central Station

The Turnbull Government continues to push for changes to the law that will weaken your union. They will undermine your power to bargain collectively in the workplace and achieve decent wages and conditions. This is no accident. The less power working people have, the more money goes to the very top 1%

Since our last rally they have ramped up the attack on industry superannuation. This is aimed at reducing your right to have your union represent you on the board of your super fund. Industry super funds have long out-performed the big banks, but Turnbull and his backers in the banks don’t care about that. Their proposed changed will open up industry funds to the the big banks.

The Turnbull Government has also announced their intention to introduce laws attacking construction industry redundancy funds.
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